2012 was an extraordinary year in Dubiel Vitrum’s history, as the company celebrated its 30th anniversary. The company was formally established in 1982, when it was officially registered, but it has been manufacturing glass since the 1930s. In 1938, Piotr Dubiel started working as an apprentice at a glass-making shop in Tarnów. After the war, he opened his own shop in Rabka Zdrój. In 1965, he was awarded the master’s diploma of the glass industry. Piotr bequeathed his knowledge to his son, Andrzej, who in 1982 establishedthe company, which has been active ever since.

Currently, Dubiel Vitrum is an advanced glass processing facility, which manufactures mirrors and float glass for the purposes of interior furnishing and construction. The company has all the certificates required in the EU member states, and its products are characterized by their top workmanship quality. This is why Dubiel Vitrum’s products are available not only in Poland, but also in more than a dozen countries worldwide.

Below we present the key dates in our company’s history:


Piotr Dubiel, the father of Andrzej Dubiel, the current owner of the company, starts working at a glass-making shop in Tarnów.


Piotr Dubiel is awarded the master’s diploma of the glass industry, and runs a shop in Rabka-Zdrój. He manufactures, e.g. pocket mirrors and table mirrors.


Andrzej Dubiel (a graduate of the Institute of Ceramics of the AGH University of Science and Technology in Kraków) opens his own business – a glass-making shop. His father helps him start up the business by giving him a single glass grinder.


Andrzej Dubiel develops more efficient grinders for glass and mirrors, and starts producing and selling mirrors in wooden frames and polished mirrors without frames.


At a glass fair in Düsseldorf, Andrzej Dubiel establishes contacts with German and Italian machine manufacturers. As a result of this cooperation, he buys, e.g. a second-hand automatic glass grinder and a glass chamfering machine (out of a loan granted under the Swiss-Polish Regional Cooperation Program). The company’s chamfered mirrors are highly popular among clients.


The facility adds more machines and expands into new market segments - Dubiel Vitrum’s processed glass and mirrors are present in the key centers in Poland. The company was also approved as a supplier of bathroom mirrors to well-known international DIY store chains entering the Polish market.


A newly-built 1,000 sqm glass processing facility was opened. The facility was equipped with a travelling crane and advanced machines for cutting, grinding, chamfering, washing and drilling glass. The company launches glass furniture. Dubiel Vitrum’s mirrors are sold all over Poland. The company employs approx. 50 people.


The facility is further expanded with a 2,000 sqm production room. The company adds another line for cutting glass panes, acquires more machines, and opens an advanced warehouse. The company is reorganized and its internal processes streamlined. The facility supplies products to 80 chain stores in Poland and several dozen stores offering bathroom and interior furnishings. The company employs more than 70 people. Dubiel Vitrum is awarded the title of Market Leader – Poland’s best mirror supplier in 2001 and 2002.


Dubiel Vitrum’s products are sold in more than 130 key chain stores all over Poland. The company cooperates with manufacturing facilities that use glass as a semi-finished product and companies selling glass furniture. A network of certified dealerships is created in the key Polish cities, offering the full range of glass and mirror products. The workforce exceeds 100 people. The company is awarded the title of Market Leader for the third time.


Dubiel Vitrum is awarded the title of Market Leader for the fourth time.


Dubiel Vitrum purchases and opens an advanced processing center and a furnace for producing flat and bent tempered glass panes. We start selling our mirrors to a store chain outside Poland. The company is awarded the title of Market Leader for the fifth time.


The company implements an electronic document exchange system to/from DIY store chains.


The company implements a workflow management system that entirely eliminates paper documents at the office.


The company opens an advanced glass laminating line. Dubiel Vitrum becomes an important supplier of safety glass for the construction market. The company develops its partnership with contractors specializing in glass structures, structural and decorative metalwork, and interior architecture.


The company purchases a plotter, and opens a line for printing glass using UV curable inks; the decorative glass market grows.


The company implements a manufacturing execution system, which controls the manufacturing of every product. The company expands its float glass processing capabilities with new vertical grinders. Dubiel Vitrum celebrates its 30th anniversary.


Dubiel Vitrum implements a new website.