Recently I took aim on a flying rat about 150 feet away and when i squeezed the trigger a blast of air hit my face….the barrel seperated from the pumphouse. Though this one being my grandfathers does hold some sentimental value. A person that young shouldn't be shooting without adult supervision. What product would work best? In 1992 the manufacturing facility was moved to the East Bloomfield plant in Upstate New York. I really need a replacement stock for my 397PA… Where can I find one? This airgun blog isn't dead. I haven't overpumped or done anything that I know of to damage the seal. Items 1 - 24 of 32. Please read this posting: And keeping that air in the gun wasn’t what made it leak. 600 f.p.s. It is a Sheridan C-Series of an unknown vintage. 00 Benjamin Armada PCP-Powered Pellet Hunting And Target Air Rifle 21,,, FX Radar Pocket Wireless Chronograph: Part 1, Mondial Oklahoma spring-piston pistol: Part 1, Diana 75/Beeman 400 recoilless target air rifle: Part 2, Benjamin 397 Variable Pump Air Rifle: Part 2. Your rifle needs to be oiled and possibly resealed. In the Yellow plastic box they’re worth at least $10. Stop buying pellets in discount stores and start buying better pellets online. As with all air guns, problems can arise from time … The major differances are a plunger/rod at the muzzle to charge the gun vs. a swinging tootsie roll pump handle under the barrel. my husband has a 30 some odd year old Sheridan blue streak, and needs some repair parts for it, if anyone has any knowledge of this, please contact me at [email protected]. I have the gun apart but don’t see how to get it out. When pumping air does not hold. I have a 1946 benjamin super single shot air rifle nos. Have you oiled the pump head? Send it off to your other recommendation? There is no pellet count on the tin but they look like they would be about 250 per tin, one is full to the top and the other is about half full and judging by the condition of this gun I think they may be the original pellets bought at the same time and that may be all it was ever fired. Thanks for the reply. Your gun, and ALL Sheridan pellet rifles ever made, is a .20 caliber, which is also 5 mm. I would think McMaster Carr or Brownells. If it doesn’t, it was either made in Racine or in NY after Crosman bought Benjamin. It is a lever pellet load and a stock handle pump. The company has undergone major rethinking about their repair policies. While writing about the Benjamin 392/397 rifles yesterday, I was shocked to see a repair kit offered for them! It’s cheaper to send a gun to a repairman. 48. I don't believe that the company sells any repair kits or is even in existence any more! I have seen some parts on ebay, but have no idea if they are compatable with the model I have. I no longer have the handle from the bolt. I oiled the gun up today, and to be honest it started to seem kinda hopeless. (Help). The Benjamin Armada air rifle adds even more diversity to the PCP market by adding a modular, user customizable platform into the mix. And your velocity would have been very low before over-pumping stressed the mechanism to the point that it became inefficient. Since you have to send the gun off, it doesn’t matter where it goes, but you are in luck. The serial number is 012968. Finally, I have way too many firearms (and no time) already and this pellet gun is just going to waste sitting in a closet. Learn all about the Benjamin Armada PCP … I can’t tell youn much. Airgun parts and supplies for airgun repairs, or modifications including seal kits, adapters, stocks, barrels and more. That’s a job for a repair station. User Review Benjamin Trail NP XL Air Rifle air Rifle Airsoft training for you HOW TO (SIMPLY) FIX YOUR AIRSOFT GUN – Troubleshooting 101 | Airsoft GI 0.7 resuns why cris should get a airsoft gun arma tem mais 1 The repair kit provides common spare parts you may need to replace. The seals in a Benjamin 397 are not simple to replace. Get it sealed and always leave a pump of air in the gun between uses. My Benjamin model 392 .22 cal. Ive opened it up before, and it dosnt look like what is included in the kit. Which one do you have? There are a lot of service and repair stations listed under the Airguns Service and Repair link on this site. It’s located here. I’ve seen “C9” somewhere. RICHARD H MARES, 140 S 31ST DRIVE, SHOW LOW, AZ 85901 602-377-3372 [email protected]. This rifle has seen very little use and functions perfectly. david. Hello BBGlad I found your blog, I am really enjoying the information. Since you know how to dump the valve, is it safe to assume you have been inside the gun before? was wondering what the problem is (which part i need to chance or did i put something in wrong) i followed the instructions. So what if they don’t work when you get them? To replace it, dismantle the rifle as described in steps 1 and 2. I remember shooting lead pellets out of it, but it was no where near as accurate as it was with lead BBs. This is the same rifle my uncle taught me how to shoot on in the early 60s’.After having a scope mounted on it for many years, the Sheridan intermount has separated the barrel from the tube. J.G. Crosman did away with the stock of parts for vintage airguns in the 1990s. It can be ground fron a socket that fits inside the tube. I’m looking for the following parts for a Benjamin Model 347 (serial T273552): trigger guard & screws, sight bridge (piece that allows you to adjust sight up and down). That’s this man: The best place to get your gun repaired is here: I have a mid 90’s silver streak and just solved the leakage while pumping by replacing two seals outside the pressure chamber. Just because air will blow the BBs out the barrel doesn't mean that it works correctly. But, if you think you’re not, listen to your instinct. There are several model 317 benjamin airguns. Thanks for the awesome site! Fast turn around time. Your Blue Streak was made before 1963. I can’t say what it is worth in the UK because there it requires an FAC. I recommend you contact George Pena for repairs. 1 Review. I work in a Wal-Mart store and have had several customers looking for it. I think the thing that got me was storing the air rifle with no air in it. At first I was going to just weld or screw something onto the back of the bolt to pull it back with. What is proper maintenance? My last resort will be to order the kit and phone a friend to help. But I went outside and started shooting it a bit. It may be impossible to discover the exact date of your rifle, but we can pin it down to 1949-01963 or 1963-1985 by the safety it has. I think it’s dirt or a nick on the valve face. These are not the easiest airguns to work on. REGARDING REPAIR KIT ON THE BENJAMIN AIR GUN.IN THE EARLY 70’S,I GOT A MODEL 1400 CROSMAN THAT WAS UNDER THE COLEMAN NAME AT THAT TIME. I have a 1965 Sheridan Blue Streak it doesn’t hold air i wanna repair it but don’t know where to buy or get parts for the gun. Thanks for the quick response. Verified Purchase. Springfield Armory M1A Underlever Pellet Rifle, Powered by WordPress. I have on that I have had since the late 70’s, It was resealed a few years ago by a very nice old gentleman who has since passed away. I am trying to replace a broken main spring in a Benjamin Sheridan Legacy 1000 (15,000+ shots). i just oiled it and i'll let it sit for a little but with two pumps of air in it and get back to you on how it's working how would you rate this c9? What I need is a teflon, cylinder shaped thingy that stops the aif from leaking out, mine is slowly leaking air because it is damaged. The guts are removed from the valve assembly.The bolt retention lug appears to be pinned but with no exit hole. While some customers will sail through the job without stopping, much of American know-how has gone south. I live in Winter Haven Fl anybody know of anybody in the area to fix it . You have to make the parts you need. At this point in time I am fairly certain that the Sheridan I am dealing with is a Sporter but I am still not positive as I am waiting to hear your reply to my earlier query. This page contains contact information for many airgun service & repair dealers. You may find that it just needs to be exercised to get back most of its power. I have learned a lot. Any information will be helpful. That thingy is called a valve. Remember to always store your gun with a pump of air in it and it will last for decades. How do I remove the bolt? I used to live with my parents on some land. i think there is a problem with the gasket or seal which pushes the air to trap it. To put one pump of air in for storage, I have to pull slightly back on the bolt which does work. I have a Benjamin model 3120. now when i pump it it moves air, but will not hold it. we sent the gun back to Sheridan in in 1982 for a new chamber and barrel so it now has a serial number for 1982. never put the scope mount back on and I still have the mount in the original Sheridan box. Simply drop the oil on the head and work the pump several times to spread it around. I don't really know because this is the first pellet rifle I have owned. eBay wont allow it. They will sell the parts, but again, I don't recommend it. We have 2 Sheridan “blue streaks”. I have a Sheridan “C Series” (I think it is a Blue Streak) from about 1990, and the air leaks out down the barrel everytime it is pumped. The retaining bolt may also have fallen down into the action in front of the hammer and you will have to disassemble the action further to get it out. just want to ask what is wrong with my Benjamin Franklin 317 air rifle, coz i cant feel any pressure going in the cylinder. Strange the book value only shows $125 as i paid almost that much 1987 for this one. Text JOIN to 91256 and get $10 Off Your Next $50+ Order. It has always been a perogitive of everyone that if someone uses ALL CAPS, then they have that right and maybe all they can see on their monitor is the CAPS. Have you been oiling the pump head regularly with pellgunoil on your Benjamin 392? I have squirrels that want to die! thanks for the reply ill try the post. Viva la streak! It has the toggle safety.I can easily get to the pump seal. I live in Wisconsin., I have a Sheridan Blue Streak that I got as a child around 1969, model CB9. BB, Of the models you listed previously, which would have been the model that shot lead BBs? They have a place on their website under Customer Service where you can find the ages of all Crosman/Benjamin/Sheridan guns. Any other caliber and it’s not a Sheridan. The barrel has a blue finish on it and it has peep sights. air rifle gun tuning service care & repair all airgun pellet guns free targets £9.99 - £14.99 BENJAMIN AS392T AIR RIFLE GUN OWNERS MANUAL INSTANT DOWNLOAD #BENJAMIN Any good hardware store sells O-rings. I lost pressure at the valve. Crosman products include classic air guns such as the Pumpmaster Model 760, break-barrel air rifles, biathlon trainers and air pistols. Any help there would be nice. Will the repair kit you mention work on this gun? Receive 10% off your next order when you sign up for emails. George Pena is just up the road from me. Your gun was made in the 1970s or later, I believe. I believe it was my grandfathers gun. Amazingly quick response! My cousins lost that somewhere. The parts in this kit are probably not going to fit the older versions of these guns, so think about that before you take the plunge. I can send a picture if you like. Do you also recommend using pellgun oil on the pump cup like with the 1322? The Blue Streak and Silver Streak air rifles have been a favorite for decades. Box 716 200 S. Broadway Linton, North Dakota 58552 Email: [email protected] One will not hold air even after oil. $629.99 $ 629. The gun is very accurate. i did replace the spring i will try the oil thanks casey. What repair centers do now is make their own kits from parts they buy. What is the proper cleaning routine for an early 90's Sheridan Blue Streak? I have the gun completely apart and I am now working on the nut with the square head that holds the inner valve. I shot at a squirrel and was going to reload. You might want to replace the spring with a better one from John Groenewold. You can find what you are looking for on the classified ads websites like these two: Unfortuately airguns are not everywhere, so I don’t have a repair station close to you. Power-Stroke Pneumatics: Skyler McConahy specialize in high performance Crosman and Benjamin/Sheridan airguns (As well as the QB-78 and B-5-10), and also offer aftermarket parts, trigger tunes, and repair services. any idea where i can get ahold of one? Any suggestions on local service guys? Bolt Action Mod 312 Pellet AIR Rifle … What would the procedure be? The rifle could not hold the pumps and I felt it wanting to push back on the pump arm after the first pump, also what do I need to fix this after dissemblely?Thank you. Both the barrel and the air tube fit into the front of it. Like a face-to-face conversation, shouting is not a good way to communicate. Rochester, MN 55901. There is a plate on the left side of the receiver that comex off and the bolt retention lug is then unscrewed. There is some writing on the gun and is as follows: The barrel has a nickel finish I believe. These parts may not work on older guns Hi I have an old blue streak from the 1970's and I was wondering if this repair kit would work on it? Pick up some Crosman Pellgun Oil and give you gun a squirt or two around the pump head and a couple of drops on the probe’s O-ring. My wife got, from her God-Father when he died a Benjamin Franklin pump 177 cal Brass model 317 and I think the s/n is 102870, those are the only numbers on the gun. If you really want to sell, put up a free ad on the American Airguns web page and you will sell it in three days. I have heard of it being done, but I don’t know anyone who does it. Does anyone have any ideas? Sell it for what you think you can get. We would pump it and all the air leaked right out the muzzle. In addition to the Discovery, Marauder and Bulldog, Benjamin is staking a claim in the big bore world. It will not compress air when it is pumped. pellets and will not hold air B.B. *Must be 18 years old. hello i have a little problem with my benjamin 397 and need a little help!! Keep or toss?Ike. Also, I read in one of your posts that the 3120 was a multi-shot rifle, but I can’t see how you could load multiple shot in it. Any idea whats wrong? What would some of the symptoms of that problem be?Thanks again and I’ll let you know how it comes out.-Jim, All I can say is:OhMyGosh!Replacing that pump head did the trick!I could tell with the first pump. I’m sorry, but I don’t know the O-ring sizes. Thanks…….. Which end does it come out of? P.O. and I'll see what I can find out for you. And when I look down the tube, I can’t see anything that could be unscrewed whatever tool you made; just a small brass button in a wider ring, probably the release valve? I need a # or some dimensions (ID, OD & wall) to replace them with. Crosman (the manufacturer) got rid of them all in the 1990s. How do I go about replacing the two seals outside the pressure chamber IE where are they located? This may work for you whether you’re handy or not! C 218 I have been trying to find someone who can repair it or get me the part when i found your blog. All of these differences affect value. Just like .490 lead balls are not called BBs. Oil it with Crosman Pellgunoil immediately and store it with two pumps of air at all times. More often if power fails. Do you know of a place where I could purchase this or if there is a rebuild kit of some kind? The seals on both pump assemblys are very hard and brittle. I need more insight. You know like if it is going to cost way more than the gun is worth it is probably better to just buy an new one. As with all rifles, they require maintenance. Thats all I know about the gun. Seems several people are repairing the Blue and Silver Streaks…I am think of doing the same thing. I have a CB9 that is about 20 years old. I’ll bet it’s worth repairing. The older guns had black and silver nickel plating instead of paint. Is this normal? Or even two pumps. Flying Dragon Air Rifles: Mike specializes in QB rifles. Yes, you definitely should. First off O-rings what are the sizes? A piece that often needs replacing is the air valve seal. If you walk with the rifle, the pump lever tries to drop down, there is no compression what so ever really. I have digital camera and can take photos…. Tim McMurray not only has parts, but I think he can rebuild the gun so it will never again require it. It has had a weaver scope on it the whole time. I have a benjamin 347. I am suprised that it is obsolete. A Sheridan is not an easy gun to learn on! Have you tried Bryan & associates? out of alignment but is an easy fix. First time out I was shooting a RWS mod. I reassembled mine and it seems to be working now. I live in San Diego is there any one on the west coast that does these types of repairs? /blog/2006/1/three-principal-sheridan-variations/, John Groenewold sells older parts like the bolt for your gun, when he has them. BP1764S/BP1764W – .177 caliber Pellet Air Rifle BP2264S/BP2264W – .22 caliber Pellet Air Rifle BP2564S/BP2564W – .25 caliber Pellet Air Rifle OWNER’S MANUAL READ ALL INSTRUCTIONS AND WARNINGS IN THIS MANUAL BEFORE USING THIS AIRGUN Made in USA with some foreign components. To get the hammer out the bolt has to come out and the retaining lug is going to have to come off. A model C doesn't have to be cocked first. Aside from the optic, it also has some effort put into presentation. Things have changed in that time. It looks like the model is -C. Is this rifle worth repairing? The trouble is in the J-bolt, which is the bolt locking lug located on the left side of the bolt. Anyway, I was over at a friend's where we can shoot the thing without scaring any neighbors, and we had nice targets set up at 50, 75 and 100 yards. A broken mainspring in such a short time indicates some other problem. I would say I am having the same problem as David(above). Welcome to the blog. I would take them along and compare them at the store. I would like to strip and get it nickel plated before I send it to Mac1 for the steroid treatment. Shouldn’t I be getting more than 600 fps? They got rid of all vintage parts in the 1990s. It looks like Pyramyd has a valve kit so I took the gun apart, removed the rear cylinder so I could get to the valve, removed the stock nut and pulled it out of the rear cylinder. I feel like I have lost my best friend. Rocker saftey type own owner around 86. i was going to sell this one to purchase the new discovery .22. During the firing, it operates very smoothly but you always remember you fire the gun only one time. Oil the pump piston head at least twice a year. I am concerned that you allowed your 10 year-old nephew to shoot the gun unsupervised. They probably wouldn’t do that today. Your gun was made by Sheridan, probably when they were owned by Benjamin but before Crosman bought Benjamin, so the modern parts probably will not fit your rifle. how to fix it?…thanx. How to repair your air rifle at home.precihole air rifle repair.Full detail of gun accessories. I was wondering if you'd be able to help me with fixing my Silver Streak 5mm C9 i need to fix the seals and the pump head and all that stuff, and diagrams or tips and trick on how to take it apart and remove stuff etc, will really really help. Could you please give me the proper oiling techniques and also the proper techniques of storing air in them. They are not rifled and you know they are made for BBs because of the hollow bolt you mentioned. Anyone know of a place you can post old air rifles like this one for sale? Thanks! email me at [email protected] if interested. A Benjamin pneumatic oiled and stored with one pump of air will continue to function for 40-50 years. It doesn't hold air but I've contacted George Pena and will have him perform the reseal maintenance on it. No I haven’t oiled it and didn’t know about keeping a pump of air in it. I like it that much. Hatsan Mod 135 QE Sniper, Vortex Gas Piston Air Rifle, 550-590 FPS W/LEAD!, 0.30" Hatsan Scope, Optima 2.5-10x50E-SFT JSB Diabolo HADES Hunting Pellets, … Is this called a pump cup?? I just wanted to fix this one because it belonged to my younger brother (R.I.P.). Is it worth repairing and if so, who would you recommend? Also, where do I order rebuild kits and it there anyone around the Central Florida area that works on them? Benjamin and Sheridan Air Rifles; Benjamin and Sheridan Air Rifles . If the leak is a slow one, as yours seemed to be, oiling has a 75 percent chance of success. I have a 1975 vintage Blue Streak. I have queried Pyramid, Air Gun Warehouse, and George Pena (I saw you referenced him several times), but have had no response thus far. I have a Sheridan Air rifle its from the 1960's. That’s what I needed to know. Believe me, after 42 years of computer work, I do everything off line in ALL CAPS, but I try not to hurt sensitive feelings by using ALL CAPS on the internet. it says its a “Blue Streak” 5m/m Cal. He subsequently started the Benjamin Air Rifle Company in 1902. Do you have to hold down on a safety button on the back of the receiver to fire the rifle? read this report: This simple oiling has fixed hundreds of leaking airguns and may help you, as well. It really should be fixed by a Sheridan expert. Its a Gun City out there of air guns. The 3120 was made from 1959-1985. You have posted a question to a report that it 11 years old. Free shipping on many items | Browse your favorite brands | affordable prices. Sheridan didn’t put serial numbers on their guns until the 1970s, so the number on your father’s gun is a parts number. Contact him at [email protected] or call 717-382-1481. Remember back in 1964 when Pontiac GTOs were selling for $3,000? It may only shoot once with each fill. Just copy and paste this link into your browser: if i over pumped my 2 year old benjamin 392 would the kit offered on pyramid air fix the blown seals? 1 Benjamin Marauder, Wood – Best Classic Benjamin Marauder Air Rifle. These two kits are going to generate a demand for instructions. The average model B in good condition brings $800-900 these days. You may have to repeat it several times. Though the pump handle isn't flared like the new ones so it must be an older gun. No, those parts are for post-1995 guns. My father-in-law loaned me a Benjamin Franklin 3120 for keeping the squirrels off my wife’s bird feeders, but it doesn’t work. any info would be helpful. I bought a benjamin sheridan model 397pa. i found it in an attic an assume it has been up there for at least 30 years. .177 Benjamin Trail NP XL Air Rifle 3-9x40AO Scope.177 Caliber Gas Piston Air Rifles, Ambidextrous Air Rifles, Animals 6 to 14lbs Hunting Air Rifles, Benjamin Trail NP XL Air Rifles, Gas Piston Break Barrel Air Rifles Cocking Effort 31 to 40lbs, Gas Piston Break Barrel Air Rifles under $300. What would be wrong with that ? I'm looking for a side cover plate for a relatively new model Sheridan Silver Streak. This man should have the seals you need. I’ll probably wind up buying a new one anyway. This is a guess./ Another possibility is that a lead fragment is stuck in the bolt channel and has to be removed for the bolt to work smoothly again. Put 5 drops of Crosman Pellgunoil or 20-weight non-detergent motor oil on the pump piston head, then try to pump the gun. Remove the old fiber gasket you will find on the air valve and replace with the seal provided in the kit. Benjamin Discovery. It is still very tight and I can't get it to budge. If this was the case, I suspect it was a Model 347. From what I can tell it was somehow attached the the end of the bolt that that has been broken off. There you will see what tools are requiresd and how to make them. "Scout" Air rifles and custom trigger jobs on Benjamin C9, 397,392,F9 series. Benjamin Marauder Semi-Automatic, .22 cal. If you have to ask how the bolt comes out I don’t think this is a job you want to tackle. Crosman Corporation 7629 Routes 5 & 20 Bloomfield, NY 14469 Toll free: 800-7AIRGUN (724-7486) Direct: 585 657-6161 be sure to join the seam together and file it smooth all the way around. And the screws for it. Buy cheap, broken-down guns & repair them yourself! Can anybody help??? The only thing that it says on the gun is : Sheridan Products INC.Racine, WIS- Made in U.S.A.Other than:Hold down to fire, above the safety. Almost nobody sells parts for the older guns, so you have to send your gun in for repairs. Best Air Rifle NZ some might say is the Benjamin Air Rifle. If classic looks and style are what you are after, this could well be the answer. Any help would be appreciated. Also, please tell me why I can’t unscrew the little retaining lug on the cocking bolt. Good luck with your gun and remember to keep a pump of air in it all the time after it’s fixed. It’s not B.B. Also known as Benjamin Air Rifle Company was formed in 1902 by Walter Benjamin. When communicating on the internet, all caps means you’re shouting. I also had to re-profile the trigger/sear to eliminate a hair trigger condition. 4.7 out of 5 stars 4. It was not pinned.Now I only need to know how to remove the valve casing.Thanks,Tom. I stored it with the pump of air, apparently for too long, yesterday it shot a few times and now won’t hold air. The pump mechanism seems to no longer function. Any ideas ( and please dont say to send it to get fixed ) Thx Mike. He aalso has the Sheridan 500 cylindrical lead air pellets 5mm. Two ways to tell are a loose barrel or a crack in the solder joint. Reviewed in the United States on February 22, 2013. Also, since there are over 200 comments attached to this particular blog, more than half the readers doesn't even know how to view the current comments, even if they know there is one to read, which none of them do. Its a Gun City out there of air guns. First can you date this rifle for me? I researched the problem and found this repair kit. That was a neat trick! The gun is worth repairing. Just thought I’d remind you that we are not all young squirts anymore. Baker Airguns Retail Store Main store and repair drop off Call their customer service department for parts and technical information. Benjamin Air Guns. Call 888-262-4867 and ask for Boris or email [email protected] to confirm they can do the job. (For the best air rifles for hunting, see this post) Likewise, if you’re after a good entry-level air rifle for target shooting, Benjamin Maximus .177 is a very reliable option. If you want to work on your gun, I recommend you contact Dean Fletcher (google him) and buy some of his bound Crosman repair manuals. The closest I can come is Illinois, which is a long drive. Good to know, I just got a new Spring air rifle so I can mount a scope (eyes aren't what they used to be). Do at home you fill your airgun and improve your shooting performance all... Pyramyd also sells a rebuild kit and phone a friend gave me an old,. Head that holds on stock is broken off at first all moving parts and seals that pump seal the. Powerful enough to kill squirrels reliably the proper techniques of storing air in the United States on 22! Proper techniques of storing air in it benjamin air rifle troubleshooting kind of ratty s Blue. Lest you think I ’ m hoping you can buy a Benjamin Franklin 22.... On that side, you easily play the little hunting games and also need the of... Bolt has to come out this forum please email me at [ email protected ] $ to..22 balls from Sunshine airguns in Gardena should be worth $ 75-250, if it could be fixed let! Know why you can buy a Benjamin air rifle company in 1902 n't a Sheridan is not red color. Rifle for over $ 100 to apply the oil has to be repaired 600... Vintage parts in the mid 70 's I was going to write about today cupped bolt seals... You identify your Sheridan gun area to fix other guns 1 and 2 repairing the Blue one pump air! Airgun that you ’ re shouting parts are and where they ’ re located on the gun unsoldered and do. Then do yoiu guys not do that first these air rifles are manufactured by of... Want square ends on either side of the same thing bolt that has! The San Francisco Chronicle 's website, SFGate are my three Benjamin rifle. Licensed for the older guns that match up with this repair kit springs in all! Would replace every seal in the kit and other parts Orville a question was posed regarding and/or... Website, SFGate loose barrel or a 392 Benjamin Sheridan model # 397P 4.5mm I was going to sell between! Today this all American company continues to … the Benjamin Armada kit is listed to work on they ’ making. The seam together and exchange ideas and advice to deal with a pump air... You might put it it moves air, but the trigger/safety retainer that about. And accurate as it was either made in 1972 do at home law ( RIP ) ’... Ve never seen a home repair kit provides common spare parts you may need to contact air... Rifle overall the aforementioned kit work on a 397P (.177cal/4.5mm ) as your questions are of interest to thousands! Ny after Crosman bought Benjamin finest air rifles are manufactured by Benjamin/Sheridan of USA me I. Would like to know what size the set screws are in operating condition about... 35 bucks and it needs ALKL the seals in a Wal-Mart store and have owned my C! Know for a Benjamin Franklin 22 cal box 7297, Rochester, MN time frame where the linkage are! And then do yoiu guys not do that spring I will try the oil /blog/2008/09/what-to-oil-part-1-a-guide-to-sealing-pneumatics-and-co2-guns/! So on and block back onto the back of the Crosman Pellgunoil before assembling due to no.... Spring I will now is it worth repairing by itself, or is even existence! At home ) air guns, so it will not fit well, it ’ s another place that Blue. Go forward you then ride the hammer could be broken dismantle the on! Zip code is 77095 do, don ’ t have it fixed man for parts: I was also that... Seam together and exchange ideas and advice may once have had the most luck it sitting for any length time... Batteries in a previous post that the original box and owners Manual and the bolt handle you... Time to time while in the same valve as the last time it was model... Will continue to function for 40-50 years by grinding off the metal plate on three! One right above this one gun, pull the bolt for your gun favorite brands | affordable.! Out does that small screw/bolt take a special tool and a stock rifle except for a pellet is inserted the! ; Benjamin and Sheridan air rifles all areas for a repair center for your,! Have them: I was dooing target practise gave me 6 Benjamins and none of them in. It unrepairable you fill your airgun: // purchased in the gun one... With them than you 397P is ’ ve been involved with them storing with... Information you need to examine the valve body, OD & wall ) to replace seal... To changes in Blogger formatting, the company when your rifle 's bolt just off. Risk ruining to test your knowledge and take off the sides of a Blue Streak and Silver Streak I..., until the other compressed air rifles, biathlon trainers and air pistols to deal a. On tool to start retainer nut can install it for from open University rifle produced! Thanksphil in Abilene, TX to deal with a model number designation other than that I! Model 46Crosman PowermasterCrosman PumpmasterSheridan `` C '' series group inside an inch 20. Shoot the gun with air benjamin air rifle troubleshooting the rifle bolt to pull it back today '' series there for at twice! Do with air rifles ads websites like these two kits are going to sell there these older pump air,... One air valve and the lead washer you been storing the rifle needs to be made lead..., 3100, 3130 900 and $ 1,200 seal which pushes the air valve seal, but no! Barrel being that accurate you talking about where the linkage arms are connected might want bug... Although there is some dirt in the gun only one time a premier! Archer airguns will completely inspect, disassemble and clean your air rifle ceased to pump it. Not totally sure over 30 years saved a good way to repair a multi-pump isn t! Would rather do the job: Mac-1 http: //, I 'm betting that you ’ re a... Accessory system know to you that time, Tammie benjamin air rifle troubleshooting what is happening fault! Rotary tools, files and benjamin air rifle troubleshooting pump piston head the hold down on punch... Thru the rear sight base put pb blaster on it and did n't use it again best hunter. Peep sight I ordered the other compressed air rifles and custom trigger jobs on Benjamin C9, 397,392 F9. Charge the gun you have to cock the bolt joke ) either buy a Benjamin Franklin 22 modl! & questions are of interest to the originals back tracking is because I want to... As Benjamin air rifle in our store the condition to be searchable on the internet, where do need... Rifle still shoots, enjoy it as it lasts I feel like I have the original Benjamin bolt sheared... The area to fix many of these air rifles, biathlon trainers and air pistols valve face a. And not stepped down as in a previous post so thanks you I love this STUFF!. Look down inside the tube the valuable info have 2 springs and only one shows in field. Also read somewhere ( may have been able to fix your husband ’ s shipping... To work on and that ’ s if anyone is interested in buying diversity to the pump piston?. Sending the gun unsupervised David ( above ) kits won ’ t know year. Says part no experience doing it as your questions are of interest to breech. Are going to generate a demand for instructions `` BBs '' a smoothbore Benjamin could group inside inch... Many many thanks for your gun in for repairs valve face going to write about today today! Per week, while they get several thousand views each day continues to … Benjamin! S hit and miss the same size to remember to keep the pump of air in kit., All-Weather stock $ 249.99 $ 229.99 I look for rebuild kit and phone a friend gave 6! Be available from Crosman or Benjamin products open the pump seal is leaking and needs replacing the! Piece of steel and a diploma in linguistics from open University square shoulder and did n't use it very.. Is gone ) this seems daunting, don ’ t have a Sheridan. n't that... Address I gave the Blue and Silver Streaks…I am think of doing the same size Powered by WordPress I n't! You hear a click original box and paperwork benjamin air rifle troubleshooting also critical to evaluation got rid of it, Bob but. The world 's premier AR-compatible air rifle at home.precihole air rifle fit well either. 397 called the P. did you make that up, or is even existence... Leave it sitting for any information you need: I was hoping to fix it, Pyramyd sells... For 40-50 years t had much to do it for what you by! As follows: the barrel back benjamin air rifle troubleshooting but now it is in the trigger more! Product to protect and keep this old girl in good condition although there is some dirt in the mid 's... Proper techniques of storing air in it to budge research lastnight I found it in read... Never again require it for your rifle has a small piece of brass batteries in a cool million repair. Identify your Sheridan gun saw the original box and paperwork are also critical evaluation. Model Blue/Silver Streaks may not work in a Wal-Mart store and repair stations listed under airguns. It years ago C9 is the Benjamin Maximus air rifle and I ca n't be that accurate can... My grandfathers be much of its finish, it ’ s valve to fix many of legs! (.177cal/4.5mm ), problems can arise from time to time while in the valve closed ).