5-10 minutes of training time per day, with the Orange Whip Trainer is more than enough to help groove your swing. My scores have been coming down and my driver play is much much better. I have not reviewed the Lag Shot or GForce training videos yet, but before giving up you might want to watch the Whippy Tempomaster training video on YouTube. The Orange Whip Swing Trainer is the ultimate golf swing trainer and fitness tool for today’s golfer and athlete. The Orange Whip Golf Swing Trainer is definitely one of the best golf swing trainer in the market. The Foundation Drills are the core group of training exercises designed to maximize the effect of the Orange Whip. Repeat using opposite hand. It’s a surprisingly simple way to iron out a lot of little glitches in your swing without having to think much about it. When learning how to use the orange whip wedge there is one drill I really like that gives you the feel of getting the shaft to unload at the right time. Notice that the smoother your rhythm is, the easier it is to roll your putts the same distance. The Orange Whip Trainer is one of the most efficient golf training aids available. That quest eventually led Hackenberg to invent the Orange Whip, a tool to help players feel their club swinging in a “tour pro motion.”. Available in either 40” or 48" in length with a 2.5 lb. ultra-flexible club is a ready-made warm up tool, and it’s one of the few training aids around that can help every golfer — regardless of ability — with their tempo. Torso Twist Purpose: Synchronizing upper and lower body through proper foot work. The Orange Whip training aid will help you lower your scores and hopefully, have more fun on the golf course. Welcome to GOLF.com’s “Best Of” review series, where one of GOLF’s editors review new, interesting and helpful products from around the golf world. This is perfect for the golfer who doesn’t have time to get to the driving range. That added length and weight, along with excess flexibility, exaggerates how the driver moves during the golf swing, and forces you to adjust your tempo accordingly so everything remains in sync. Fast forward years later, and his product has become one of the most successful training aids in the history of golf. Full Swing. If you’ve played enough golf, you’ve probably seen the Orange Whip. Jim walks us through his 3 main drills for the Orange Whip: Torso Twist; Hinging Forearm Rotation Drill; Full swing Drill; Jim has learned quite a few new drills from other teachers that use the Orange Whip (including using the trainer as a high intensity or … The transition from backswing to downswing is where the Gold Flex shine- teaching the golfer to gather speed and acceleration with a patient approach. Here are the drills that Orange Whip recommend as taken from their website, to get more info go to www.orangewhiptrainer.com . I’m a novice and what I need is REPS, practice swings. Then build slowly from there into a full swing. The standard orange whip can’t be swung fast anyway (certainly not by me) it’s definitely a sequence / timing trainer, although throwing in the exaggerated pressure movement drills, one would hope, would help build a better platform for higher speed. With one hand hold the Orange Whip at the bottom of the grip. Can’t say enough for the Orange Whip Trainer. It not only helps to improve your swing rhythm, balance, and tempo, it also helps to improve your body coordination and strength. All Rights Reserved, Beginner Golf Swing Tips | Laws, Principles and Preferences for The Golf Swing, Relax and Swing Smooth to Improve Your Game. Begin slowly swinging the whip back and forth in a … Consistent use of the Orange Whip will improve your golf swing and provide an essential core-muscle workout. The last time I checked, the Orange Whip was exactly double the price of the SKLZ Gold Flex. Swing the Orange Whip in a back and forth motion, allowing your wrist to hinge and unhinge. The original Orange Whip Trainer was designed to synchronize your golf swing and the NEW Orange Whip LightSpeed was designed specifically to increase your clubhead speed while maintaining control. It is versatile, dynamic and the most effective swing aid on the market. The full-size Orange Whip has a ball that weighs about 0.67 pounds. The Orange Whip trainer weighs 1.75 pounds and stretches 47 inches in length. Achieve your own athletic golf swing by improving your rhythm, timing, balance, coordination and flexibility. Focus on the one that suits how you best learn - so if you are a … The SKLZ Pure Path Swing Trainer works to help eliminate on hooks, slices, and other off-center golf shots. head, this flexible weighted trainer encourages a flatter swing plane and forces the downswing to be initiated by the lower body, helping to reduce slices. The Orange Whip is perfect for full swing, approach shot, and short game training. It’s an orange rubber ball attached to the end of a heavy, black, flexible golf shaft with a grip at the end of it. One workout a day is all you need, but adding an extra session or two per day, will only speed up your results when using this training aid. Use your footwork to control the pace and maintain balance. Assume a proper athletic & balanced setup position. As a result, the Orange Whip has become a huge hit over the years, and a staple of mine and probably thousands of other golfers training. Cold? If you can’t put aside 5-10 minutes to get a better golf swing, you simply don’t want to get better. Orange Whip Trainer Drills To maximize the effectiveness of the Orange Whip Trainer, they recommend a few core training exercises. Orange Whip Golf Trainer uses the three fundamental learning devices - visual (see), auditory (hear) and kinesthetic (feel) to create a mental and physical connection to the whip motion you can summon while playing. Consistent use of the Orange Whip will improve your golf swing and provide an essential core-muscle workout. Using the OrangeWhip golf swing training aid helps exagerrate the feeling of having a proper amount of lag in your swing due to the flexing of the shaft and the weight on the end. It instructs one to start small, ie swing with feet together and try to hit the ball only 20-30 yards in the beginning. Can be used indoors with the same effectiveness. A lot of people’s problem is they pull so hard on the handle the shaft backloads at … This means you’ll improve your swing while improving your fitness level. FULL SWING DRILL. More than just a golf swing trainer, it is … The Orange Whip lag drill by Chuck Quinton, RST Founder, will show you how to easily produce incredible lag immediately in your golf swing. Windy? The first is the weight of the ball/weight at the end of each shaft. To increase benefits to fitness and flexibility, 2 or more sets per day are recommended. It’s an orange rubber ball attached to the end of a heavy, black, flexible golf shaft with a grip at the end of it. These can be performed in a single daily workout. The SKLZ Gold Flex functions both as a golf-specific training aid and a golf-specific physical fitness aid. TORSO TWIST At 47 inches long and a … Snow Bound? Raining? Purpose: Increasing your putting distance control. Start swinging your most athletic and simple swing yet by picking up this training aid today. The Gabe Trainer Details (Used by 35 PGA Tour pro’s daily) Extra Tempo, Orange whip (can be done at home) – 20 swings with good smooth tempo, same pace on back swing and downswing – focus on transition from back swing to downswing, lead with the lower body, do NOT yank with your arms to start down swing Buy the orange whip. Practice swinging without swaying, keeping the left arm straight, etc. Choose a desired length and attempt to roll three putts to that distance. Still 5 … The Orange Whip provides all of that and more. The Orange Whip Trainer is exactly what it sounds like. It looks a little goofy, but if you’re one of those (many) golfers who tends to get quick at the top of your backswing, or tends to cast the club on the way down, then the Orange Whip will certainly help your swing. SuperSpeed Sticks vs. Orange Whip training devices It seems to me that the SuperSpeed Sticks do everything the Orange Whip would do in the way of tempo and sequencing, but the SuperSpeed Sticks also have the added advantage of varied weighting and drills to train for speed specifically. The Orange Whip Trainer is exactly what it sounds like. The folks at Orange Whip have created the ultimate warm up/workout tool that is portable and extremely easy to use. He packed up his bags, moved to South Carolina, and starting building the Orange Whip in a rented house. In addition, the Orange Whip helps keep your swing on plane while simultaneously enhancing your core fitness and flexibility. Almost every top 100 teacher uses the Orange Whip, and you can see it in the bags of many of the top touring professionals. The Orange Whip Trainer The Putting Wand The Orange Peel. Allow the Orange ball to hover a few inches above the ground. This week: The Orange Whip Trainer, The Orange Whip Trainer is one of the most well-known and recognizable training aids around. You can strengthen your swing power while maintaining control in this epic device. GOLF.com and GOLF Magazine are published by EB GOLF MEDIA LLC, a division of 8AM GOLF, ‘Best Of’ Review: The Orange Whip Trainer, 20 for 20: 20 fitness tips that helped you play your best in 2020, 7 common sense New Year’s resolutions golfers should make in 2021, This science-based stretching routine can stop golfers getting injured in cold weather, Four 15-minute warmup routines approved by low-handicappers, Women’s golf tips: This advice about how to nail your aim and alignment was the year’s most-read. The Orange Whip is the ultimate golf swing trainer and fitness tool for today’s golfer and athlete. Simply swing this training aid while learning lag and elimination of early release. Using all of the Orange Whip products, including the Orange Whip Trainer and GFX Power Peel, Coach Brian demonstrates a few simple drills using the Golf Fitness X Functional Golf Swing Training methodology. Orange Whip Drill for Making Solid Contact Everytime. All for only a few minutes a day swinging it. Essentially what this does it it ensures that you can adjust your swing speed tempo to allow your entire body to stay connected. Golf is challenging and the Orange Whip will help you lower your scores and have more fun on the golf course. You can work with an Orange Whip Trainer year-round, regardless of weather conditions or daylight. Distance Training. Even if you don’t struggle with those problems, the Orange Whip certainly won’t hurt, and it’s a handy tool to help you loosen up before your round. It’s inventor, Jim Hackenberg, was an aspiring PGA Tour player-turned teaching professional who noticed that many 0f his students were struggling to “swing in rhythm while maintaining balance.” And that’s a tricky thing to teach — after all, rhythm is something that can’t be demonstrated as simply as a specific position in the golf swing. It is versatile, dynamic and the most effective swing aid on the market. The Orange Whip Trainer is heavy enough that you will likely break a sweat. The Orange Whip Trainer The longest and most popular version, the Orange Whip Trainer provides the greatest feedback for tempo, balance, and swing plane training. This extra length of the Orange Whip Trainer is designed to help exaggerate the motions that are made when you swing your driver. Every golfer wants to hit the ball farther and to accomplish that you need more swing speed without sacrificing rhythm, timing and balance. The 47-inch, 1.75-lb. Now that that’s out of the way, here are a few of the more subtle distinctions between these two training clubs. Perhaps you’ve heard of the original Orange Whip Trainer ($109), a popular product designed to help you develop a rhythmic, well-balanced swing.