Follow/Fav My Sister Doesn't Like Me Anymore. It's perfectly possible that you'll find out that your behaviour upsets her just as much. But the thing is, it's mutual. We don’t speak much because it always ends in an argument but I just can’t bite my tongue when she does this crazy stuff and stresses my parents out I feel like that would be enabling her behaviour. No cousins or aunts or anything. I always try to spend time with her hoping she might go back to her old ways, such as I come up and sit with her while she's watching TV, and she always rolls her eyes and acts like I'm not there. Treat her as an acquaintance, as you say- you are not close. We used to be super close. Do You Like Your Sister? We were a good support for each other when my dad was ill. What would you do?Try and look at it from her point of view. I value raising my children in a warm extended-family environment, but I am finding it harder and harder to be with my sister-in-law. Enough is enough. We're not that close a family anyway so it's not a huge difference but she probably thinks I haven't been supportive enough since my dad died. )It's actually a relief. Most things like this never happened. Don’t volunteer or share personal circumstances so she can’t shoot them down. I realised this recently. I just want her to stop being such a bitch! When Abby gets a letter to Hogwarts, how will she react to losing her sister and being witch? "Oftentimes the dislike is passive-aggressive: exclusion from certain family events, or conveniently forgetting to mention a key aspect of an expectation," licensed marriage and family therapist Michelene M. Wasil, MFT , told me via email. She's more successful than me careerwise. I love my sister to death and would do anything for her, but I swear, as a person, I don’t like her. I was the one doing this for my little sister, I feel so bad, I'd hit her sometimes, now she's changed and barely talks to me about issues, I'm so sorry for what happened, beyond this point, tease her ;(. How not to feel disapointed with my friends wife? Last year our father was very ill, and then died. I thought she was the best sister in the world for doing that for me. This made me cry.. But the fact that they don't really like us has pretty much made me and my sister really close. We would do stuff together all the time and I always thought of her as my best friend. Snow White Doesn't Live Here Anymore. Its like she wants nothing to do with me. just give her space, and see what happens. WOW!! I'm assuming you're a 'HARDCORE' western white boy, joe shitler. I believe my sister has made me partly who I am. To use this feature subscribe to Mumsnet Premium - get first access to new features see fewer ads, and support Mumsnet. Maybe seeing that you have your own independent LIFE will make her change or will make her stop insulting you, at least. But I don't want to cause arguments. But it sounds like you are already doing a good job of trying to include your sister and consider her feelings. She hasn't spoke to me since. She doesn't have kids. Sometimes she will make fun of me and I will actually cry and she just tells me to stop acting like a little five year old. You’re my sister. I didn't always bite my lip and we ended up having an argument, but this time I stood my ground and said "look sis, this is what you're doing. How to tell someone besides saying hi hello to my family , I have left it and everyone is okay with that ? FWIW I don't introduce her as my little sister. Tell Him and discuss what you have observed and solve this issue. (2 years ago. She doesn't get how tough parenting can be. She was always favoring her over me. Hope I helped. Dump her.If she were not your sister, would you tolerate this behavior from a friend? My Tinkerbell, before she became FINALLY my own baby, used to head butt me. That when she becomes nice and starts giving me importance. We have been together for eight years and married for three. I've tried to talk to her about it but she always tells me to go away and calls me a big baby when I tell her she can sometimes hurt my feelings. Why do you think you need to be friends? my sister doesn't really like talking to me either...i'm too white for her. Making boundaries is a response to her behavior, not because you are being a mean bitch (she covers that base).Do not get caught up in what she may be thinking or not thinking (regarding supportiveness, family duty, anything) You don’t know what she is thinking. He tells me the honeymoon is over. Relationship with my mother is not possible when the price that I pay includes sacrificing my human rights, individuality and self-esteem.Today My sister doesn't like my boyfriend because he's two years older then me (hes 17 my sister's age and I'm 15). It's so, so normal to fall into your childhood patterns of behaviour even as adults. We have different personalities and don't get on. Join Yahoo Answers and get 100 points today. Let it go, you can't change anything but your attitude to it, as they say. The person I admire completely ignores me? I just try to talk to her and spend time with her because I know within the next year or two she will move out and I will barely get to see her. All you can do is act not the same as her, but just ignore her. My sister came to visit me in hospital, along with her latest boyfriend. I have my days but she softened me up. She is an honest, trustworthy person and … Now I'm aware of it I can't go back to ignoring it.But if I challenge her, then we argue.What's changed is I realise she doesn't like me, and it hurts. One time you should be mean back see how she likes it:p. Never talk to her again, see how she likes it. I just love her because she's my big sister. Another thing that kind of bothers me is she trash talks about me with her friends. My fiancee would like more time to plan our wedding — and enjoy the process. She does, however, tend to wake me up at 3am flopping her fluffy little butt right up next to me as if to say "Ok, NOW you can shower me with cuddles". Where did the myth that bullies have low self-esteem originate? Although, I don't really like the fact that she talks about you behind your back, seeming to impress her new 'friends', and completely ignores you. DH notices she does this too. Advice needed ASAP. Stormed around complaining about 'having to do everything' but criticised anyone who tried to help her.. All came to a head one day when she was spectacularly rude to our Mum and I called her out on it. She has gone through some mental/emotional changes, which are retarded, and no longer wants to be lovey-dovey with you because she feels 'immature' doing it, which is stupid. I found it belittling and just another superiority dig at my expense, validated by her smirk and shimmy nose in the air mannerisms. Unconditionally loving my mother is only possible when I respect and love myself in the true definition of love. She was innocent when she was young herself, and now that she is older, her personality has changed and she has become a repulsive, pathetic, trashy person who will grow into a dirty adult. But the fact that they don't really like us has pretty much made me and my sister really close. She gets very easily offended. Why Won’t My Dog Sleep in Bed With Me? She doesn’t care (ouch) so bounce the Don’t Care Bear right back at her. Too bad your parents have neglected you, so they are obviously not a source of help for you at all. DS’s school to teach abstinence education, Find out what Mumsnet users thought of Echo by Lloyd’s Pharmacy. But some of the indicators that your sister-in-law is not considerate of your needs include being sent masses of outraged text messages, being asked to take part in gossipy "rumor has it" phone calls, and always wanting to be updated about your business. I said to her, “You don’t even love me, or at least you don’t act like you do.” And I remember what she said back so clearly. It sounds like a phase... Hopefully things are better now. Do you find it strange that young females claim catcalling/harassment is common yet still wear things like short shorts, crop tops, bathing ? Now she doesn't anymore, sniff. If I say something, her default reaction is to argue with it, refute it, prove me wrong. 15 Unfortunate Signs Your Husband Doesn’t Love You Anymore. There could be MANY reasons, and here are some possibilities: 1. she says he all wants is to get in my pants and yet she's with a 23 year old. But I know if I tell her to effectively fuck off and leave me alone she'll be hurt and I know I'll regret it. I dont get on well with my sister. ? I have a similar problrm im 14 and shes 15 and i no longer see her apart from in school and still acts like i dont exist. This poem was one I wrote after my dad told me he didn't love me. Don't get me wrong she will be there for me and I will be there for her if needed - but we don't have to like each other.Apart from parents we have nothing in common. I want my DC to have a good relationship with their aunt. It may take some courage and honesty to self evaluate, but are you patronizing and/or condescending towards her? We see one another infrequently, and we are polite to one another, but we aren’t close. I’m learning to bite my lip as she is old 🙈. And it doesn’t matter because she has never shown you any respect for what you are thinking. She is fed up with her antics, especially this last incident where his sister called her out of her name, and acted as if she wanted to fight her. Some dogs don’t like to sleep on a surface that’s too soft. I suspect she thinks she's the wounded victim in all this, valiantly putting up with me. You’re not some snotty, fake friend who obviously was using me. She's been my other mom for a long time, comforting me when I am in sorrow, celebrating my joys and triumphs, and just spending time with me, knitting, quilting, or watching basketball. My sister dislikes me mildly and I find her irritating. Has anyone ever blamed you for their toxic habits. I've tried to be mindful of that with my own younger sister (who doesn't date yet). I don’t think she means it. Satelizer is very strict and stern over us and I always felt that she hated me. The fact that she's picking on your past weaknesses, when at the time, she was actually with you and helping you, is just shocking and disgusting. Arapaima it's a great description isn't it, I’m actuslly like this with my DGM I’m very close to her but she is over bearing. My name is Rebecca and sometimes I get the feeling that my husband doesn’t like me. You can sign in to vote the answer. She can’t cope with my commenting on any of her life choices (even though she’s made some huge mistakes recently, like risking her health through not treating her medical condition with actual medicine and selling her house because the mortgage meant less disposable income than renting her mates spare bedroom) and I think this because I was always seen as the clever older responsible one when we were kids. Whether or not you think your sister-in-law is crazy depends a lot on what crazy means for you. Dear Annie: My husband doesn’t spend time with me anymore. I don't know why she thinks I don't notice - it's obvious to other people too.I am her [ bitch eating crackers]] (a great phrase another thread here reminded me of). I think she thinks I don't notice, and I had trained myself to ignore it. She also finds it funny to wrestle me, which is kind of fun I guess, but she always wins and doesn't let me up until I tell her that I am a weak little girl. This will make it very very hard for your sister to change, even if she recognises some truth in what you are saying (it's interesting that she admitted she realises she doesn't like you having an opinion). If you asked my sister if she likes me, she'd probably say yes (I think) and she'd say she cares about me. But I know she does care about me, and she loves my DC. Just because you share the same parents it doesn't mean you have to be friends. I am an extrovert, she is an introvert. I actually think when my mum dies (hopefully not for many many years) we actually won't keep on touch save the odd like on a Facebook post. GOD only knows what kind of vulgar cultures and ugly societies and families some people live in that make their minds as shitty as joe muddler's. When I tell her that I love her, she no longer ever tells me she loves me too, she will say "That's cool" or "Okay" which kind of depresses me. And that's a serious question. I don't like him much, either. Individual dogs have different sleep surface preferences, just like people do. Maybe you should just give her some space; or you could possibly, ask her what kinds of things she's into and find if you have a similar interest that you guys could do together :)? at the Bitch Eating Crackers thing. My client felt guilty and ashamed that at that moment she didn’t like her daughter. I speak to my sisters only a handful of times a year, only see them once or twice. I just want to protect myself from being hurt.What would you do? You just have to do the right actions and devote yourself, your mind, soul, and body, to GOD and GOD's service, in whatever form you know..better than wasting time creating hope in a hopeless world. We would do stuff together all the time and I always thought of her as my best friend. If we were not siblings, we would not be friends. And you wanting to sleep with her is weird by itself. We have never fallen out or argued as adults. It is of love and of sister- and brother-hood, not of the likes of people like you and your vulgar minds and ugly thoughts. Why do you think you need to be friends?Because I do care about her, even if she is being a cow.Because she's family. At the moment that's more like once every 2 months. But suddenly I find I can't ignore it. I only have her and my mum. I can't change my basic personality type.And nor can your sister!It would be interesting to see what your sister's version is, 3 sides and all that.It reads to me like your sister has taken on "attack is the best form of defence". Our parents pretty much neglect us but they have never been bad to us. But some or most teenage girls go through a stage where they think more of boyfriends and her friends and think less or rarely not at all about their family. We were inseparable most of that time, but, all of a sudden, he doesn’t want me around. I just want my old sister back, the one who would always talk to me, spend time with me, look out for me... the old sister that loved me. Who was unreasonable. She no longer gives me hugs, which kind of makes me sad, but I guess it's fine. If you have any advice on how I can get my sister to like me like she used to, I would be so happy. My experience is that you can’t force these things. We'd spoken on the phone the day before and her words – that I was "very clever" – had crowned my post-birth euphoria. But it's become apparent to me that on a day to day level, she doesn't actually like me. Now after finding Husband Doesn’t Love You Anymore, what to do? Talk widget showing discussions of the day & trending threads, Subscribe to Mumsnet emails direct to your inbox. I don't have my sisters as friends, because I have other friends. Recently, though, she has been kind of avoiding me. The only time she is nice to me is when she asks me to do favors for her, which I always am 100% willing to do, but she never does favors for me and tells me to go away. 1. So, what now? Youre different people. My friends/cousins/family/homies all told me not to bring my gf to the small parties we have cause she’s to quietwhat should I do?Descriptio? She will say stuff like "Yeah, he's an idiot" or "He's a loser" when I guess she doesn't know I can hear her, but I can. It's what I feel like doing right now though. But I don't think I can carry on ignoring it. Unconditional love towards my mother on my part no longer looks like me accepting her devaluing and abusive actions and regard towards me. this sounds like something i've posted all week. You’re my ride or die, or supposed to be. Is it true you only make a once in a lifetime best friend? He says most married people hardly ever hang out. * * * A week ago, my father called to tell me my mother didn’t want to speak to me anymore. And a little child running to his older sibling's bed at night for support is NOT WEIRD. But blinkowl those reasons don't mean you need to be friends. I've become aware, that when I am speaking, she sometimes turns her back and walks away as she doesn't like what I'm saying or the way I'm saying it. It means I can’t talk to her properly but I don’t know how to fix it. yea i know how you feel. What have you got to lose? And I only slept in her bed from when I was 7-10 years old, I don't so it anymore. Explain what she's doing and how it affects me? I never want her to feel like she is no longer important to me. If you do decide to confront her be prepared to hear things you might not want to. A lot of things happened in that time and our marriage started to … I'm sorry that she had to turn around and act this way toward you. Your sister seemed extremely caring and considerate at first, and why she became like this is odd and repulsive. As a pp said, frame it in a neutral, "I've noticed this interaction pattern between us" kind of a way. It is to the point that now I’m 23 and love hugs from her. and while i'd like to say that i'm over it i'm not. are you patronizing and/or condescending towards herOMG she's patronising to me. My sis and I used to argue lots as kids and teens. She has not matured out of the "big sister" role. When I complement her it means nothing to her and she just blows it off. I can't change my personality. She's the loser and the idiot. I'm currently NC with my sister for exactly the same reason. and she admitted that yes, she is aware she does that sometimes. You could try writing to her maybe? My dad doesn't like me much. I don't tell her how to run hers. Now, after forty years, I get it too. She is an adult now. I live in London with my younger brother, Matthew, my younger sister, Annabell and my older sister, Satelizer. So I always would sleep in her bed after a nightmare and I felt much better and safer. Why not say that you have noticed this pattern, you'd like to be closer and see what she says? People change over the years, they meet new people try out new things. And I don't feel like ignoring it any more. 2. Then occasionally as adults.